In Living Coral Love

Working some of Pantone’s previous Colour of the Year selections, into on-trend cosmetics colour palettes, has been largely hit and miss for the last several years.

All this is set to change though, so we thought it was time to prepare you, so you can outshine your competitors yet again.

The best thing about makeup products  is they allow you to be on trend immediately and your customers don’t think twice about purchasing a trending eyeshadow, blush or lipstick.or

If anything, they are grateful to you, for keeping them current, without spending a crazy amount on a jacket or shoes, they may only wear for one season.

The 2019 Pantone Colour of the Year, has been announced as Living Coral.

Described by Pantone, as being: An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.

And we are betting big, that Living Coral is going to be a surefire hit and an instant cosmetics best seller.

Think Spring Racing Carnival, Fashion Week ,the perfect colour for Spring weddings and this colour will transition perfectly into Summer, which means as a shade it will sell like hot cakes.

Living Coral, is going to be a colour that gets worn with everything from high end fashion spring dress to casual summer wear and even to the office.

If you need to add a touch of spring or a summer glow, think Living Coral as a bold lipstick or vibrant eyeshadow.

For a more subtle way to incorporate Living Coral, blush is a fantastic way to add this Colour of the Year to your cheeks, giving them a rosy golden hue.  

Or for glam nights, then Living Coral as an eyeshadow or highlighter is sure to get attention when it’s needed.

No doubt, Living Coral is the 2019 Make up colour trend winner and will be a favourite for all Makeup lovers.

At Makeup Cosmetics, we have few products available already.

Check these out: Coral Peach Blush, Coral Liptint and a personal favourite, the amazing deep Coral eyeshadow and remember, we make it all from scratch. So we can always change it to suit your taste.

Apply this shade to a new lip colour, blush or eyeshadow and release a shade that reflects this year Colour. Your customers will love the pop of colour and the way it sets their spring and summer looks .

It’s a must have for 2019 so pre order and start your marketing early.

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