How to create make up brand

Ready to launch your own makeup brand? Are you looking for a new line of lipsticks? Have the formula but need someone to make the products?

As your private label manufacturer, we understand that every business is unique and we are here to ensure your ideas come to fruition. Make the most of our experience and let us guide you every step of the way, from choosing your range to getting the right packaging.

About us

MakeUP Cosmetics specialises in formulating and manufacturing high quality and innovative make-up products.

Following many years in the luxury well-being and beauty industry, Fabio our founder wanted to return to his roots and his passion for chemistry and created Make UP Cosmetics in 2009. He spent countless hours researching, testing the finest natural and organic ingredients, scrutinising their provenance, botanical properties and qualities while step by step perfecting our products and helping many other brands along the way.

Our products are proudly Australian Made and approved by ChooseCrueltyFree. We also have vegan, organics and Halal products.

Take advantage of our dedication and knowledge to assist you and create fashionable and innovative makeup products with amazing textures and beautiful natural pigments.